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LiquidFiles Documentation

Release Notes Version 2.5.x

Version 2.5.11 (released 2014-10-24)

  • Fixed a problem where Filedrop messages wasn't visible in the inbox.
  • Added sent_after and sent_in_the_last search parameters to the show messages API.
  • Updated admin welcome screen.
  • Fixed a problem where sysadmins couldn't edit user admins.

Version 2.5.10 (released 2014-10-15)

  • Disabled SSLv3 on default.
  • Enable SSL protocol configuration in Admin → Network.
  • Fixed a problem with SSO logins.

Version 2.5.9 (released 2014-10-13)

  • Fixed a problem where sysadmins couldn't edit sysadmin users.

Version 2.5.8 (released 2014-10-11)

  • Fixed a problem where SMB backup validation would permit a subdirectory.
  • Added expires_after in the message create API response.
  • Permit branding for Domain Admins.
  • Removed support for the old Hyper-V Integrated Services and added support for the new Key Value Daemon.
  • Permit User Filedrops to be configured to be forwarded to anyone.
  • Fixed a problem adding static routes.
  • Fixed a problem where message attachments sometimes couldn't be deleted.
  • Don't list messages that the users has sent in the inbox.

Version 2.5.7 (released 2014-09-29)

  • Added Drop files support in Internet Explorer 10 and 11.
  • Updated client side validation for the Brute Force Whitelist and Permitted Admin Networks to support both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
  • Updated email validated session timeout to 1 hour and redirect to the original message or FileLink when the session times out.
  • Fixed a problem where the Group and Users Name wasn't added properly when combining pre-shared key SSO and LDAP.

Version 2.5.6 (released 2014-09-24)

  • Fixed a problem where it wasn't to update permission settings unless the permit anyone interface option was set.
  • Updated the message popups so that they display much nicer.

Version 2.5.5 (released 2014-09-18)

  • Fixed a problem IE in compatibility mode wasn't working properly.
  • Fixed a problem saving the settings on the account page.

Version 2.5.4 (released 2014-09-16)

  • Fixed a JavaScript loading problem with Internet Explorer 10.

Version 2.5.3 (released 2014-09-15)

  • Fixed a problem where the External Users group would sometimes be set to not permit sending messages.
  • Fixed a JavaScript problem in IE8.
  • Updated the Rails framework.

Version 2.5.2 (released 2014-09-12)

  • Added Setting to disable the daily status email (in Admin → Email).
  • Fixed a problem where pool files sometimes wasn't selectable.
  • Fixed a problem where Filedrops in multi-domain setups was accessible in all domains.

Version 2.5.1 (released 2014-09-10)

  • Fixed a problem editing the private messages template in Admin → Email template.
  • Fixed a problem where the Filedrop (not the Filedrop Admin) API was set to require a LiquidFiles license.
  • IE browsers are incompatible with the new Drop functionality and it will be disabled in IE.

Version 2.5.0 (released 2014-09-08)

Please see this video for highlights of the changes in v2.5:

License Change

Version 2.5 introduces a slight licensing change. When we first started LiquidFiles (or the Filetransfer Appliance back then) and it only had the functionality of sending messages back and forth and only internal users that could send messages was required to have a license. When more recent features like the Filedrop was introduced this caused quite a bit of confusion as this is easy to perceive as a "receive" function, where technically this is actually "sending" on behalf of the internal user and using the Filedrop has always required a license. When the function to be able to CC on Filedrops in some places this was used to circumvent the license restriction that Filedrops is only enabled for licensed users. So, since the beginning 2014 the wording on the web pages has been changed and simplified and from now on you will require licenses for your all local (internal) users. Now, LiquidFiles is not locked down to enforce this license restriction for the previous "Receive Only" group. The previous "Receive Only" group has been renamed "External Users Receive Only" and when the External Users group is configured to be able to send to the internal domains, internal users in the External Users Receive Only group will still be able to download these messages without any license, so this works the same as it does now. From version 2.5 onwards, you will require licenses for all users in any group that is configured as a "local" users group, including Admins and Sysadmins.

Functional Changes

  • The LiquidFiles web interface is now fully responsive, meaning that the interface will now scale gracefully from a large desktop, through a smaller desktop, tablet and down to a phone size interface. You can see the gradual changes by taking your browser window, drag it to make the window smaller and you'll see the interface changing to make the most of the available screen real-estate. While this one-line change may seem trivial, pretty much every single form inside LiquidFiles had to be updated.
  • Added Pools feature – Pools are a way of storing permenant pools of files that you can make accessible to different (local) groups. This will enable creating for instance a Support Files Pool assigned to the Local Users group and when a user in a Local users group logs in, they can send any of the files in the Pool without uploading it themselves. Pool files will never be automatically deleted.
  • Added Drop functionality — you can now drop files in designated areas instead of using the file select function.
  • Added Admin API's to be able to access Users, Groups & Filedrops via XML and JSON API's. Please see the Documentation for the Admin API for more information.
  • Added Available Chunks API.
  • Changed group configuration from "is external" to "is local". Having a setting for which group is xternal turned out to be a bad idea (inverted logic) and the setting is now if a group is for local users or not. This also makes more sense from the point of view of sending messages to "recipients and local users" and users in groups that is listed as local users will be able to access these messages.
  • Renamed the Group "Receive Only" to "External Users Receive Only".
  • Added a new "Local Users Receive Only" group that enables receiving messages sent to "Specified Recipients and Local Users" and also enables Filedrops so now you can have local users that can only receive files with all LiquidFiles functions.
  • Added "User Admin" group - the user admins group is for admins that can only administer users. They will not have access to any messages, attachments or settings.
  • Renamed Secure Message to Private Message (there's a lot of ways of securing stuff, naming it Private Message is more accurate and less prone to interpretations).
  • Renamed the disable sending option to "Enable Send Messages" - this was another place with inverted logic that didn't make sense in the grand scheme of things.
  • Added a separate check box for "authenticate access" to messages. Nothing has really changed, it's just a check box that selects the previous "Anyone" option. There's always been a fair few support requests how to send messages without requiring recipients to login, hopefully this will make things easier to see how to send messages without authentication.
  • Updated Filedrop permissions to allow Specified Recipients or Specified Recipients and local users only.
  • Updated File Request permission to allow Specified Recipients or Specified Recipients and local users only.
  • Added alternate ZIP download function. If you're trying to ZIP more than 50 files, the ZIP metadata is now generated in the background as this can take a little bit of time with a lot of attachments.
  • Added daily system status email (delivered to root or the configured address for system alerts in Admin → Email).
  • Added autoupdate functions to enable autoupdate of just the Antivirus component, the AV and base operating system or everything. Default for new systems is to autoupdate everything, if you update from a previous version the setting will be to only autoupdate antivirus (same as previous versions).
  • Server side blocking of uploads if there's less than 700Mb disk space left (the client side validation will block if there's less than 1Gb left).
  • Added configuration to set autocomplete=off (no need for custom JavaScript anymore) in Admin → Settings.
  • Disable iframing of LiquidFiles on default and enable configuration a specific URL to iframe from (in Admin → Networks).
  • Updated Rails (the web application engine), ruby, rrdtool, the clipboard flash version and a lot of underlying libraries to their latest stable version.
  • Updated Hyper-V Integrated Services to v3.5 (installable via the F2 Setup menu) and also added functionality to remove the Integrated Services.
  • Updated input validations.

API Changes

The following incompatible changes has been made to the API in version 2.5 from earlier releases (only important if you use the API to integrate LiquidFiles into your environment):

  • The /message API has changed the secure_message option to private_message.
  • The user info API /account has changed the disable_sending and been replaced with enable_secure_send (if disable_sending was true, enable_secure_send is false and vice versa).
  • The Attachment ID has been changed to display its randomized ID instead of the numerical ID. This is only a problem if you treat the Attachment ID as numerical instead of a string. If you treat the Attachment ID as a string, you don't need to do anything.