LiquidFiles Documentation
LiquidFiles Documentation

Is LiquidFiles for me?

What is LiquidFiles?

LiquidFiles is a Large and Secure File Transfer and Sharing solution primarily for companies and organisations. It runs as a Virtual Appliance in your own local premise or your own private cloud space.

LiquidFiles will probably work very well for me if

  • You and your staff has a need to send, receive and share files that are too big to send over email — typically 20MB and above. LiquidFiles have no limit on file size.
  • Your company or organisation has the need for increased security and regulatory compliance when sharing information in and outside of the company or organisation.
  • You have a team or at least someone in the organisation that manages IT infrastructure or you have an existing relationship with an existing company that manages IT infrastructure for you. LiquidFiles is built to be as self-managed as possible, and you will still need to Install LiquidFiles yourself, assign IP addresses, update DNS and other tasks typical for on-boarding new servers and services into the organisation.
    Most of our customers are using LiquidFiles on local servers using VMware, Hyper-V, Xen or other virtualization platforms, you can run LiquidFiles on standalone servers as well as in cloud services like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or anywhere else where you can install your own server using an ISO image.

LiquidFiles is probably not for me if

  • If no one is managing IT for your company, neither in-house nor external. While LiquidFiles is built to be as self-managing as possible, you (or someone that looks after IT for you) still need to be able to perform tasks like deploying virtual servers, either using a local platform like VMware, Hyper-V or Xen, or a cloud virtual platform like Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. You will need to configure DNS and manage SSL certificates for the web application.
    Unfortunately we have no offering where we are setting everything up and managing it all for you. If there's enough interest we may look into this in the future.
  • You're a private person that has an ad-hoc need to send some large files once in a while but no interest in setting up and running your own server infrastructure.

Our typical customers are companies and organisations with between 20 and 2000 users. There's absolutely no reason why LiquidFiles wouldn't work for companies much larger and much smaller. We have customers with single user installations — like a technically minded 1-person printing company that uses LiquidFiles to receive print-jobs from customers. We also have customers that are very large multi-national enterprises with hundreds of thousands of users. LiquidFiles works just fine across the spectrum.

Hopefully by now you have a good understanding of what LiquidFiles is and if LiquidFiles will be a good fit for your company or organisation and you're ready to continue with Planning the Deployment.