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LiquidFiles Documentation

File Request API

Deprecation Notice

The XML API is only fully functional on LiquidFiles v2.x that is End of Life and End of Support.

This XML API has been deprecated in favour of the JSON API that's available in LiquidFiles v3.x onwards.

With the File Request API, you can automate sending File Requests from other applications using the API. This is a fairly simple API.


Request URL: /requests
Request VERB: POST
recipient # String. Who should receive this File Request.
subject # String. The subject in the email sent in the File Request.
message # String. The message in the File Request Email.
send_email # Boolean. If set to false, the LiquidFiles system will not send the
# message to the recipient (if you want to send it yourself).
bcc_myself # Boolean. If set to true, the LiquidFiles system will copy the sender
# of the request.
url # String. The URL where the receipient can respond to the file request.

The http response codes are 200 OK if the File Request was successful, and 422 Unprocessable Entity if anything went wrong. In case of an error, there's also an error message with what went wrong.

Example Response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>