LiquidFiles Documentation
LiquidFiles Documentation

Browser Support

The LiquidFiles appliance pushes some boundaries of what’s possible with browsers. In general, we support the two most recent major releases of four most popular browsers.

Please see the matrix below for different browser versions and their limitations:

Browser Upload Mechanism Max Download Max Upload
Microsoft Edge HTML5 No Limit No Limit
Internet Explorer (Not Supported — 3) No Limit
Chrome1 HTML5 No Limit No Limit
Firefox2 HTML5 No Limit No Limit
Safari HTML5 No Limit No Limit
  1. Chrome is auto updating. We are assuming that you are running the latest release, although you can use any version that has HTML5 File.API support (we haven't tested specifically but you'll probably be safe from version 13 or 14).
  2. Firefox is auto updating and we assume you're running the latest version, although you use any version from version 14 and above. While technically Firefox has supported the HTML5 File.API from version 3.6, until version 14 there was a bug in the function that splits the file into smaller parts and Firefox would load the entire file into its memory and would crash if it didn't have enough memory so effectively sending multi GB files didn't work properly.
  3. Since LiquidFiles v3.6, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge Legacy (Microsoft Edge <v80) is not supported.