LiquidFiles Documentation
LiquidFiles Documentation

Outlook Plugin Release Notes

Beta version: plugins 3.*

We have released the plugin 3.0.18 to public beta version. This plugin has a streamlined architecture and it handles attachments differently. It does not use the transfer panel, instead attachments are saved as files with ".liquidfiles" extensions in the body of the email message, which allows\ user to save the item as draft and continue editing at a later moment. The plugin is lightweight, it loads much faster and is more compatible.
Some advanced functions, such as support for metadata scanners, is not available with v3 plugin yet.
Your feedback on V3 plugin is very appreciated!

Plugin 2.1 required to work with the server 3.7: limited compatibility with 2.0 plugins

We tested LiquidFiles server 3.7) with the plugin version 2.0.137 (latest GA before the hotfix) and made sure that the basic functionality is supported. We still recommend using plugin version 2.1.1 with server version 3.7 as the 2.1.1 plugin fully supports all functionality of the 3.7 server while maintaining backwards compatibility.

Please note that without API login support (which is being deprecated with 3.7), the older plugins can only use SAML login flow. The plugin version 3.0.137 also supports Session login flow. We strongly recommend upgrade to 2.1 plugin, otherwise user might not be able to login at some point.

The plugins 2.1 will remain compatible with the servers prior to 3.7.

2.1.14 and 3.0.20 (Released 2023-11-29)

This is a beta release

  • NEW: support for WebView2/Edge internal browser (Chromium-based Edge required).
  • FIX: HTTP connections not cached sometimes.

2.1.11 (Released 2023-10-09)

  • NEW: support for ReplaceIncludeFile policy (see manual for more details).
  • FIX: detecting signature position in certain situations.
  • FIX: Logging and compatibility fixes.
  • FIX: Certificate policies for HTTP/2.
  • FIX: LiquidFiles Agent window crashes with some videocard drivers.

2.1.10 (Released 2023-07-16)

  • FIX: Sender Email Alias not working with certain configuration.
  • FIX: Logging and compatibility fixes.

2.1.9 (Released 2023-06-25)

This is a beta release

  • NEW: Support for Sender Email Alias.
  • NEW: Upload Progress window is now full-width to display details on file upload and error without having to scroll.
  • NEW: More efficient algorith to capture signatures, and new tracing capabilities to trace message body when injecting signatures (when enabled).
  • NEW: Ability to select version of HTTP request based on url's domain.
  • NEW: Support for disabling Agent-related options on the Option dialog.
  • FIX: Unable to use SecureAttach functionality over a draft email.
  • FIX: No more trying to use HTTP/2 when SSL is not present.
  • FIX: Using legacy HTTP stack when working with Windows integrated authentication, for compatibility reasons.
  • FIX: Windows Authentication Proxy always contacted with HTTP/1.
  • FIX: Updated install and uninstall procedures to minimize chances of setup package freezing.
  • FIX: Sending message Cancelled error infrequently appearing under certain rare conditions.
  • FIX: Windows Agent displaying error when trying to change its opacity.
  • FIX: Size of an MSG attachment always displayed as zero.
  • FIX: Implemented more efficient event hooks in Outlook.
  • FIX: Preventing Windows Agent from crashing when HKCU is locked.

2.1.6 (Released 2023-04-05)

This is a hot fix

  • FIX: Signature disappears when file injection position is set to Before Signature.
  • FIX: Compatibility fixes.

2.1.5 (Released 2023-03-26)

  • FIX: Zero-length attachments are correctly excluded from uploads (as they are not supported by the server).
  • FIX: Compatibility fixes.

2.1.4 (Released 2022-12-21)

This is a beta release

  • FIX: Attachments not always intercepted when injected into email message by 3rd party plugins via Outlook API.
  • FIX: Expired API key sometimes not detected.

2.1.3 (Released 2022-12-13)

This is a beta release

  • FIX: Error handling with SAML and Session login flows.

2.1.2 (Released 2022-12-11)

This is a beta release

  • NEW: Support for HTTP/2 when operating with LiquidFiles server via Windows Agent.
  • FIX: Reauthentication in Windows Agent with API key expired or invalid.

2.1.1 (Released 2022-11-16)

This is a beta release

  • NEW: Compatibility with server version 3.7.
  • NEW: Fixes for SAML/Session login and logout flow (with server 3.7).

2.0.139 (Released 2022-10-19)

This is a HOT FIX.

If you are using Outlook plugin version 2.0.135 to 2.0.138, please upgrade to 2.0.139.

  • FIXED: Support for composing several emails with Secure Attachments concurrently
  • FIXED: Minor fixes to SAML logout flow

2.0.138 (Released 2022-09-04)

This is a beta release promoted to general release without change

  • NEW: In cases when SAML flow is not detected correctly, use `SamlFlowVersion` policy to avoid SAML flow detection.
  • FIXED: Fixed some situations where SAML flow wasn't detected correctly

2.0.137 (Released 2022-07-22)

This is a beta release promoted to general release without change

  • NEW: Support for Session/SAML login flow in the user's default browser (with server 3.7).
  • NEW: enhancements to SAML flow
  • NEW: support for option to disable non-SAML login
  • FIXED: Asking user to login again if an invalid/expired API key is detected
  • FIXED: Windows agent now exposes its own Configure button on its main form
  • FIXED: auto-upload or ask-to-upload rule now follow policies related to recipients
  • FIXED: wrong sizes on hi-dpi displays

2.0.135 (Released 2022-03-13)

This is a beta release

  • NEW: User is warned if the number of downloads allowed is too small.
  • NEW: CLI supports `selectedanddomain` option for selecting recipients.
  • FIXED: Plugin trying to handle inline attachments in some situations when it shouldn't.
  • FIXED: Better handling of errors in SAML flow

2.0.132 (Released 2021-08-31)

  • NEW: SAML login is now used by default when it's enabled at the server. `AutoSamlLogin` policy can be used to disable automatic SAML login
  • FIXED: Fixes to SAML login and logout dialogs.
  • FIXED: Connection errors when switching to another LiquidFiles sever url.
  • FIXED: Agent's UI does not refresh when logging in/out or switching servers.

2.0.130 (Released 2021-06-15)

This is a beta release

  • NEW: `DefaultRibbonAction` policy can be used to specify the Ribbon's default action
  • FIXED: Fixes to SAML login dialog's behavior.

2.0.129 (Released 2021-05-16)

  • FIXED: Compatibility issues with some servers older than 3.5.
  • FIXED: Outlook crashing on some machines when trying to secure-upload file.

2.0.128 (Released 2021-04-26)

  • NEW: Added label for Access Restriction dropdown box in upload UI
  • NEW: Registry policy `CloseAgentOnQuitOutlook` to terminate Windows Agent when Outlook closes
  • NEW: Cache server's settings for 1 hour (or as defined by policy `ServerSettingsTtlMinutes`) instead of caching indefinitely.
  • NEW: Policies `FileRequestMultiuse` and `FileRequestExpirationDays` to set properties on File Request.
  • FIXED: Settings "Alllow users to change authentication", "Default private message" and "Can change expires after" are not propagated from the server to the client.
  • FIXED: Login/Logout sequence when API key is invalidated.
  • FIXED: Outlook locks up when displaying a message from Outlook Plugin.
  • FIXED: Show to user parsed errors instead of JSON representation.
  • FIXED: Incorrect German translations.

2.0.127 (Released 2021-04-01)

This is a beta release

  • NEW: Binary upload interface now uses chunked uploads, fixing upload errors related to large files.
  • NEW: Basic support for SAML authentication.
  • NEW: Invalid API key now triggers Login dialog.
  • FIXED: Outlook crashes when a new Mail window is opened quickly after start-up and then closed immediately.
  • FIXED: Drag&Drop into HTML-formatted email doesn't work under certain circumstances.
  • FIXED: A typo in Dutch localization.
  • FIXED: Errors returned by Windows Auth Proxy are ignored.
  • FIXED: Upload errors are not shown in the interface if they are happen later in upload process.
  • FIXED: Cannot change Inject Position selector.

2.0.125 (Released 2020-10-06)

  • FIXED: FileRequest does not work on some machines due to incompatibility of Outlook with system TLS settings.
  • FIXED: Unable to send MeetingRequest.
  • FIXED: Compatibility with Outlook 2010 and lower.
  • FIXED: Compatibility with Sharepoint when HTTP(s) URIs are produced by OpenFile dialog.

2.0.124 (Released 2020-08-01)

  • NEW: Plugin/Agent can be configured to store API key in the Windows Credential Store rather than in the config file
  • FIXED: Dual setup ignored custom registry script

2.0.123 (Released 2020-07-27)

This is a beta release

  • FIXED: Plugin doesn't work properly on emails where signature is an OLE object.
  • FIXED: Various stability and compatibility fixes.

2.0.121 (Released 2020-07-13)

This is a beta release

  • EXPERIMENT: In this version only, API key is stored in the Windows Credential Store rather than in the config file. This is reverted in subsequent versions as it requires user to login after upgrade to this version.
  • NEW: `HideAgentSysTrayIcon` policy to hide Agent systray icon.
  • NEW: Support for Antivirus status at the server.
  • NEW: Support for Binary uploads to the server.
  • NEW: Support default TLS configuration of .NET Framework 4.7 (and higher)
  • FIXED: Windows Agent should not display pop-up form on auto start-up.
  • FIXED: Some controls not being disabled properly in the Options form when policy-driven.
  • FIXED: Checkboxes on FileLink form not working correctly.
  • FIXED: Outlook Ribbon not being refreshed when preferences are updated in the Windows Agent.
  • FIXED: Uploads are stalled in some scenarios.
  • FIXED: Plugin would give a fatal error when disabled and re-enabled in the same Outlook session.
  • FIXED: White-on-white text rendering in the Progress dialog for the selected item.
  • FIXED: In some cases, attachment disappears when an email with a big attachment is being forwarded.
  • FIXED: WebRequest logs are disabled by default and enabled in Verbose mode only.
  • FIXED: Authentication key is no longer shown in the logs.
  • FIXED: Removing all secured attachments enables user to add normal attachments again.
  • FIXED: Various stability and compatibility fixes.

2.0.114 (Released 2019-12-12)

  • NEW: Support for password on FileLink.
  • FIXED: Prevent Outlook 2016 from locking up when loading the plugin on some systems.
  • FIXED: Flickering and locking up of Inline response.
  • FIXED: LiquidFiles plugin preventing use of Exchange confirmations.
  • FIXED: Manual login not working sometimes when Windows Authentication Proxy is used.
  • FIXED: CLI not logging network requests as expected.
  • FIXED: Options buttons on CLI and Transfer panel not hidden along with the Ribbon button.

2.0.112 (Released 2019-09-22)

  • FIXED: Prevent LiquidFiles plugin crash if no expiration date is entered
  • FIXED: Outlook crashes in Citrix environment when started in modal mode
  • FIXED: Stability fixes during initialization and processing the Send event
  • FIXED: BeforeSignature inject mode does not work correctly on replies with no signature

2.0.111 (Released 2019-08-17)

This is a beta release

  • NEW: Pasting FileLink into email body via keyboard buffer when editor is locked.
  • NEW: Registry policies to hide individual buttons in the Ribbon dropdown.
  • FIXED: Anonymous file drop operations with CLI no longer require a pre-configured API key
  • FIXED: Outlook crashes due to compatibility issues with other plugins
  • FIXED: File progress dialog not popping up
  • FIXED: Large attachments not intercepted when forwarding messages
  • FIXED: LiquidFiles crashes if user switches to a culture not supported by .NET framework
  • FIXED: Inject BeforeSignature mode did not work if Mileage field has already been filled out
  • FIXED: Attachments shown as zero-size in Upload Attachment dialog in a few scenarios
  • FIXED: Attachments with the same name are not intercepted correctly if they are pasted into email

2.0.108 (Released 2019-05-04)

  • NEW: If user selects "Auto upload all" setting, ask to re-confirm the setting every time Outlook starts.
  • FIXED: When working with Windows Authentication Proxy, avoid frequent re-authentication attempts after successful authentication.
  • FIXED: CLI app cannot download files from server 3.3.6.
  • FIXED: CLI app sometimes cannot send files via server 3.3.6.

2.0.106 (Released 2019-04-14)

This is a beta release

  • NEW: JSON API of v3 servers is now used by default.
  • NEW: Support for wildcard negative match in `AutoUploadRuleExcludeDomains` rules.
  • FIXED: Runtime logs are now created under %LocalAppData%\LiquidFiles rather than under %My Documents%.
  • FIXED: CLI app would give error on interaction with anonymous FileDrop if Windows Agent is logged out.
  • FIXED: German translation of auto-login page.

2.0.105 (Released 2019-02-02)

  • NEW: Compatibility with Outlook 2019.
  • FIXED: Compatibility with LiquidFiles server 3.2 (DefaultMessageExpiration and UserCanChangeExpiration preferences).
  • FIXED: Reversed order of attachments when using "Secure Attach All" command.
  • FIXED: Obscure error messages when transport agent malfunctions.
  • FIXED: Inline Response Outlook Ribbon not refreshed properly.
  • FIXED: Crash when Outlook starts in Modal mode.
  • FIXED: Unnecessary conversion to HTML when Outlook Inspector closes.
  • FIXED: Don't intercept prohibited attachments
  • NEW: When using non-default Windows "Select files" dialogs, last selected folder is now remembered.

2.0.101 (Released 2018-08-16)

  • FIXED: Policy overrides AutoUploadInKb limit set manually.
  • FIXED: AutoUpload* policies overridden through UI for the duration of session.
  • FIXED: PreventInjectionOfIdIntoHtml policy still allowed to inject id into HTML email.
  • FIXED: Uncomprehensible errors when Outlook Editor cannot be accessed.
  • FIXED: Position and wording on FileLink insertion form.

2.0.100 (Released 2018-08-01)

  • FIXED: Plugin fails to intercept attachments.
  • FIXED: Plugin displays unwanted UI elements when user is not logged in.

2.0.98 (Released 2018-07-15)

  • FIXED: Prevent crash when displaying a calendar item.
  • FIXED: Prevent crash when creation of task pane is blocked (or fails due to misconfiguration).
  • FIXED: Prevent crash when task pane is dismissed too quickly.

2.0.97 (Released 2018-07-08)

  • NEW: `CheckAttachmentLengthPolicy` to check server for zero-length attachments (= 1 to check and warn only, = 2 to check and fail). Available for server 3.2.8 and older, disabled by default.
  • FIXED: Prevent hidden crash on start-up when no settings have been downloaded.

2.0.96 (Released 2018-07-02)

  • NEW: Disable `open attachments` context menu if the selected attachments are not available for opening.
  • NEW: Registry policy `RefreshSettingsOnStartup` (= 1 forces LiquidFiles to refresh settings on start-up, and = 2 to do it only once).
  • FIXED: Crash on start-up when no settings have been downloaded.

2.0.95 (Released 2018-06-20)

This is a beta release

  • FIXED: large delay before sending a long message.
  • FIXED: LiquidFiles might lose its settings.

2.0.94 (Released 2018-06-18)

This is a beta release

  • NEW: prevent LiquidFiles from uploading 0-length files.
  • FIXED: Temp folder is recreated automatically if removed by a 3rd party software.
  • FIXED: user is asked to confirm a server-side private message.
  • FIXED: handling signature in `Before Signature` mode.

2.0.93 (Released 2018-05-17)

  • FIXED: Plugin activates its hooks even when license key is not entered.

2.0.92 (Released 2018-05-08)

  • NEW: Added support for `Specified and Domain Users` security option.
  • NEW: `Cancel` button changed to `Abort` button where appropriate.
  • NEW: Conditionally, do not intercept attachments for Meetings.
  • NEW: Server-mode of `Private Message` without any attachments.
  • FIXED: Facelift UI for higher DPI settings.
  • FIXED: `Create Link` form better positioned in relation to current cursor position.
  • FIXED: Outlook crashes when is it being closed.
  • FIXED: An item must be manually saved before injecting `File Request` link.
  • FIXED: Hide LiquidFiles ribbon on appointments (not Meetings).
  • FIXED: NullReferenceException when trying to display localized forms.
  • FIXED: Many translations.

2.0.90 (Released 2018-03-15)

  • NEW: support for 3.2 server API
  • FIXED: LiquidFiles crashes when attempting to create a log file in a write-protected redirected folder.
  • FIXED: FileLink uploads do not always work.
  • FIXED: Prevented unnecessary conversions from RTF.
  • FIXED: Prevented corruption of API settings from command-line tool.

2.0.89 (Released 2018-02-12)

  • NEW: Allow cc/bcc with single `To` recipient when using `File Request` functionality
  • NEW: Configurable list of locales for localization
  • FIXED: `Private Message` will fail if there are no attachments to be sent.
  • FIXED: `NeverInlineFileExtensions` policy prevent accidental treatment of an attachment as inline (which causes abandonment in some `Private message` modes).
  • FIXED: Prevented two `Private Message` actions on same email.
  • FIXED: `Private Message` now falls back to `Secure Attach All`.
  • FIXED: ListView columns are not resized properly on Windows 10.
  • FIXED: Faster processing of 4-bytes utf-8 symbols.
  • FIXED: Avoid resetting HTML body to empty string when processing an invalid HTML body set by a 3rd party script.
  • FIXED: Avoid inserting LiquidFiles signature marker into email body in some read-only scenarios.
  • FIXED: LiquidFiles may freeze Outlook when switching to an Inspector window in some scenarios.
  • FIXED: Localization of `File Link` UI form.
  • FIXED: Translations for some button captions.
  • FIXED: Outlook may crash on shutting down with LiquidFiles agent activated.
  • FIXED: Outlook displays riobbon warnings.
  • FIXED: Files sometimes are not attached through Ribbon commands.
  • FIXED: LiquidFiles does not recognize a recipient's email address as a single email address.

2.0.84 (Released 2017-12-24)

  • FIXED: Characters that take 4 bytes when encoded as utf-8 are sanitized for server versions before 30157.

2.0.83 (Released 2017-12-12)

  • NEW: support for `Before Signature` injection mode.
  • NEW: bool policy `AlwaysCreateMarkerInMileage` forcing to create LiquidFiles ID in `Mileage` field of email message.
  • NEW: bool policy `NoTaskPane` prevents LiquidFiles from displaying custom task pane.
  • NEW: ability to cancel sending message on `Upload Attachments` form.
  • FIXED: Some attachments would not be auto-uploaded after total threshold for attachments have been exceeded.
  • FIXED: `Resolve Errors` form now shows explicit details of errors.
  • FIXED: Errors reported by 3rd party metadata processor are now reported correctly.
  • FIXED: Outlook may lock during UI operation.
  • FIXED: Windows Agent application can die without producing any error message on its startup.
  • FIXED: Pasted attachments not always intercepted by LiquidFiles.
  • FIXED: Private Message is now consistenty with web UI implementation.
  • FIXED: LiquidFiles plugin recovers terminated connection to LiquidFiles agent automatically.
  • FIXED: Do not show `Resolve Errors` form in situations when there are no errors to be resolved.
  • FIXED: Avoid exception when extracting an icon from files to be resent.

2.0.79 (Released 2017-03-29)

This is a beta release

  • NEW: Support for comparing SHA256 hashes.
  • FIXED: Secure attach on inline responses fail sometimes.

2.0.78 (Released 2017-03-05)

  • NEW: support for SHA-256 hashing algorithm used by the server since version 3.0.56.
  • FIXED: Create Link form cut-off at the bottom.
  • FIXED: Secure Attach will not work correctly for Inline Responses (Outlook 2013/2016).

2.0.76 (Released 2017-01-29)

  • NEW: Better handling of situation when upload fails. Option to delete failed uploads.
  • FIXED: Private Message option in Outlook plugin not available with 3.0.7 - 3.0.8 server version
  • FIXED: User was not able to secure-attach a new file after failed attempt to send email message.

2.0.75 (Released 2017-01-03)

This is a beta release

  • FIXED: In some scenarios, uploading multiple files caused them to be uploaded repeatedly and endlessly.
  • FIXED: Delete command from UI was not executed on the server (so unattached file stayed until cleaned by overnight job).

2.0.74 (Released 2016-12-03)

This is a beta release

  • FIXED: UI fixes for better visual compatibility with Windows 10 in high DPI mode.
  • FIXED: On machines with low GDI resources available, Outlook plugin would start to throw errors if user opens several Compose windows without triggering LiquidFiles plugin

2.0.73 (Released 2016-12-02)

This is stable release

  • FIXED: stability and compatibility fixes in functions introduced with beta releases.

2.0.72 (Released 2016-09-16)

This is a beta release with known issues

  • FIXED: files do not open from preview
  • FIXED: when a large attachment emailed directly through "Send through Outlook" command of other MS Office applications (such as Word or Powerpoint), it is not intercepted by LiquidFiles plugin
  • FIXED: Option to inject files after signature works much better
  • FIXED: Inline attachments (such as images embedded into signatures) are not auto-uploaded to LiquidFiles server any longer.
  • FIXED: When uploading a folder, all files from sub-folders will be included, and progress dialog with ability to cancel upload displayed.
  • FIXED: When an error occurs while uploading several files, cancelation works correctly.
  • FIXED: When uploading several copies of the same file, only the first file will be included into secured message.
  • FIXED: Progress dialog does not always reflect uploading status.
  • FIXED: Various stability fixes for the beta options (support for metadata removers and xml-based localization).

Known Issues:

  • When uploading several files through standard Attachment paperclip, it was observed that sometimes the last attachment will be duplicated and inserted into email's body (as well as uploaded to LiquidFiles). The extra attachment is removed when you send email.
    Current status (2016/09/16): we were able to reproduce this problem on a certain computer and we are still looking into it.
  • If you remove some registry policies (such as AutoUploadAnySize), they are not always reverted to their default values.
    Current status (2016/09/16): We have fix for this problem but it's not yet available for stable release. This problem does not appear if you do not remove registry policies (rather than that, revert such policies by setting their opposite value).

2.0.67 (Released 2016-06-27)

This is stable release

  • FIXED: stability and compatibility fixes in functions introduced with beta releases.

2.0.64 (Released 2016-04-27)

This is a beta release candidate. We anticipate a week of beta testing before making stable release.

  • NEW: Support for Outlook 2016
  • NEW BETA: XML-based localization with option to download localization files from a predefined location.
  • NEW BETA: support for metadata removers (via command-line options)
  • NEW: support for Outlook in modal mode (for example, when user chooses "Send email.." command in a third-party application).
  • FIXED: various fixes for Outlook starting up.

2.0.60 (Released 2015-10-05)

This is a beta release.

  • NEW: Support for Outlook 2016

2.0.59 (Released 2015-09-16)

This is a beta release.

  • FIXED: Customized Ribbon problems, server-side policy problems from 2.0.58
  • NEW: Policies to restrict automatic upload of attachments based on recipients. Please see this article.
  • NEW: If you disable all controls for the user, empty control panel will not show
  • NEW: By default, InjectPosition is "After signature".
  • NEW: When injecting text into message in "After Signature" or "End of text" mode, it will be injected above reply line if possible. It is supported with Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013.

2.0.58 (Released 2015-09-06)

This is a beta release.

  • NEW: All connectivity libraries have been rewritten.
  • FIXED: Ribbon warning with Outlook 2010: Error Found in Custom UI XML of "LiquidFiles Outlook Plugin"
  • NEW: Outlook Ribbon can be customized. See this article
  • NEW: New policies
  • Redirect folder where local data is stored
  • Force Ribbon elements into their own tab

2.0.57 (Released 2015-03-23)

This is hot fix over 2.0.56.

  • FIXED: Outlook Plugin would not allow "File Request" command from dropdown menu.

2.0.56 (Released 2015-03-20)

This is regular update, you should use normal procedure to deploy it.

  • NEW: Windows Agent hides buttons per policies and can be configured not to show buttons at all (see policy guide for details)
  • NEW: "InjectPositionDefault" policy to set default value while allowing user to override
  • NEW: Server-side group policies on number of downloads, filelink parameters and ability to send message are supported in Windows Agent and Outlook Plugin
  • CHANGE: "Secure Send" renamed to "Private Message" throughout the plugin. NB: localizations are not updated. We are preparing new templates to allow community translation of topics.
  • CHANGE: In Outlook Plugin's panel, most buttons are hidden from view.
  • FIXED: Outlook Plugin would crash Outlook if an error happens while user attempts to use "Insert File Request" functionality (such as user not logged in).

2.0.55 (Released 2015-03-23)

This is potentially breaking update, you should use normal procedure to deploy it.

In previous versions, setup packages used incorrect value "" (instead of "LiquidFiles") as manufacturer's name, resulting in registry keys like "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\LiquidFiles.Net\LiquidFiles Windows Agent and Outlook Add-in\Installer". This has been corrected.

However as the result, this setup will not pick up directory set by previous versions of installer. If that means any problems with your deployment, please file support ticket with us.

  • NEW: "InsertFileRequestTemplate" policy to specify template around FileRequest link when it's injected into a message through add-in's menu. Please see entry under Registry settings guide for further details.
  • FIX: when drag&drop files into Outlook, mouse cursor crashes and becomes 'bound' to mouse pointer until Outlook is restarted.
  • FIX: Error shown when trying to open an attachment that had been saved as temporarily file, uploaded to the server and already removed from local system.
  • FIX: Discrepancies in visibility of various controls on Upload panel, such as label "Files Expire" still visible when expiration date is prohibited at the server.
  • FIX: when using SecureSend functionality, email is saved as MSG and not as DOC when message has an inline or small attachment.

2.0.54 (Released 2015-02-25)

This is regular update, you should use normal procedure to deploy it.

  • NEW: "ForceLanguageId" policy to force specific language
  • NEW: "InjectPositionEnforced" policy to allow user to override policy-set setting
  • FIX: Allow user to rightclick and drop file into Outlook message
  • FIX: Various minor UI fixes

2.0.53 (Released 2014-12-26)

This is regular update, you should use normal procedure to deploy it.

  • NEW: "File Request" feature is available in Outlook plugin.
  • NEW: When uploading a file, there's check whether this certain file has been uploaded but not attached to any message. If so, uploaded file is reused.
  • NEW: Support for HttpAllowAutoRedirect policy. With this registry policy, Http redirect is allowed (by default it is not allowed).
  • NEW: Ribbon user interface now uses drop-down buttons instead of toolbars.

2.0.51 (Released 2014-11-22)

This is patch, you can copy new files over version 2.0.50.

  • FIXED: canceling upload did not work correctly; for example, canceling upload of a large file would prevent user from re-uploading same file.
  • FIXED: Visibility of Ribbon elements not correctly updating in some scenarios

2.0.50 (Released 2014-11-19)

  • FIXED: Attaching through built-in 'Attach' button not working when file size is below automatic upload threshold.

2.0.49 (Released 2014-11-17)

2.0.48 (Released 2014-11-16)

  • NEW in BETA: File drag-and-drop operations are intercepted and processed before Outlook. Which means, Exchange policies would not fire and prevent us from intercepting operations. This functionality is in beta; please let us know if you encounter problems on your systems. You can disable this functionality by creating registry key NoInterceptDragDrop=1 DWORD (or creating custom property in group settings at the server).
  • FIXED: cancelling upload process
  • FIXED: ensuring that messages are automatically uploaded when max size of attachments has been exceeded in various scenarios.

Problem with "Send to ... Mail recipient" Shell command when Outlook is not open, and related problems, are not resolved still.

2.0.45 (Released 2014-10-14)

This is NOT a release version as it has known issues. Other than the knownissues listed below, the version is stable:

The known issues below have been observed with earlier stable version of plugin, too.

  • NEW KNOWN ISSUE: When sending file from Explorer through "Send to ... Mail recipient" Shell command, on Windows 7 Plugin for Outlook 2013 32-bit will not intercept this file. (This behavior was not reproduced on Windows 8.1).
  • NEW KNOWN ISSUE: When server rejects upload, under certain scenarios upload meter will not display information about it.
  • NEW KNOWN ISSUE: Closing Outlook window while uploading file may lead to error message box
  • NEW KNOWN ISSUE: Under certain scenarios, canceling upload of one file may lead to improper status and message could not be sent at all.
  • NEW: Policy DisableSetDownloadCount disables new function: You can set "Max # of downloads" parameter from user interface now.
  • FIXED KNOWN ISSUE: MSI parameter REGKEYSCRIPT is not supported
  • FIXED KNOWN ISSUE: User setup will not ask for credentials at the time of install.
  • FIXED: Swedish and Dutch localization problems
  • FIXED: _Admin_ MSI now can be installed from command line without originally elevated permissions.
  • FIXED: empty list of prohibited extensions not interpreted correctly.
  • FIXED: when adding several files under cumulative threshold, some files not removed from attachment list when threshold has been reached.

2.0.44 (Released 2014-10-06)

This is NOT a release version as it has known issues. Other than the knownissues listed below, the version is stable:

  • BREAKING CHANGE: plugin and agent are now installed in the same folder; default folder also has changed.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: support for OL2003 and Windows XP ended.
  • KNOWN ISSUE: MSI parameter REGKEYSCRIPT is not supported
  • KNOWN ISSUE: User setup will not ask for credentials at the time of install.
  • NEW: When uploading large files by chunks, if transfer fails in the middle of transmission, re-upload will start from the moment of the last chunk. Note: one user can only upload one file at a time, using same API key from different workstations while uploading files with the same name may lead to clash.
  • NEW: You can set "Max # of downloads" parameter from user interface now.
  • NEW: CLI now returns error codes
  • NEW: Administrator can set policy so that Outlook plugin will upload any attachments automatically (no minimal threshold)
  • NEW: "Minimum size Threshold" is now cumulative and not per attachment. E.g., if you set it to 10MB and upload 6MB file, then 3MB and then 3MB, all 3 files (and any further files) will be automatically uploaded.
  • NEW: Administrator can set policy so that user will always have same initial folder when browsing for files (see DefaultExpirationDownloadCount registry policy
  • FIXED: empty list of prohibited extensions was replaced by default list of prohibited extensions.
  • FIXED: when using AutoLoginUrl policy, plugin may display error message when user takes laptop from outside corporate network and integrated authentication at LiquidFilesAuthenticationProxy server is no longer available.
  • FIXED: SecureSend option not displayed after upgrade to 2.5.6
  • FIXED: Outlook 2013 Compact Navigation options are not saved

2.0.43 (Released 2014-08-28)

  • NEW: Plugin overrides maximum attachment size set by MS Exchange, so user can drag & drop large files into Outlook 2013 when using Exchange.
  • IMPORTANT: Outlook's Exchange mailbox must be set in offline mode. It is not feasible to intercept drag&drop operation when Outlook's Exchange mailbox is set in online mode.

2.0.42 (Released 2014-08-21)

  • NEW: FileLink functionality. "Send to LiquidFiles" shell context menu will use FileLink
  • NEW: By default, plugin/agent will NOT automatically try to login and consume a license/display startup screen. If you want it to happen automatically (for example, with WinProxy scenario), set policy value AuthenticateOnStartup=1.
  • NEW: Server-side branding information used to replace "LiquidFiles" on UI elements
  • NEW: User's help link now leads to the website where user is logged in.
  • FIXED: Various bugs with localization.
  • FIXED: /days switch in LiquidFilesCLI not working

2.0.41 (Released 2014-07-07)

  • NEW: Message Security mode settings at the server are now honored
  • FIXED: Support for Inline Response in Office'2013 (more buttons)
  • FIXED: Various bugs with localization.
  • FIXED: /days switch in LiquidFilesCLI not working

2.0.40 (Released 2014-06-09)

  • NEW: Dutch localization
  • NEW: Support for Inline Response in Office'2013
  • NEW: Updated Italian localization
  • FIXED: Various bugs with localization.

2.0.37 (Released 2014-02-19)

  • NEW: Italian localization
  • FIXED: Outlook plugin would crash on Chinese systems due to incompatibility with specific Chinese translation software
  • FIXED: EventLog shows SideBySide Activation errors caused by Windows Update trying to parse manifest for DLL file of the plugin.

2.0.35 (Released 2014-02-13)

  • FIXED: Outlook plugin crashing under various scenarios with Outlook 2013
  • FIXED: Windows Agent crashing on x64 bit Windows

2.0.33 (Released 2013-12-15)

  • FIXED: when reading settings from CustomParameters section of XML response, short names were not supported (e.g., user/injectPosition was supported but InjectPosition was not)
  • FIXED: versions 2.0.31 and 2.0.32 would not install properly as upgrade to previous versions of plugin.

2.0.32 (Released 2013-12-05)

  • FIXED: messages converted to plaintext even if no attachments have been selected. This problem affects plugins versions 2.0.28 - 2.0.31. In some cases, plaintext would be converted back to html, resulting in incorrect formatting.
  • FIXED: french resources missing
  • FIXED: under some scenarios, plugin crashing when trying to send message with SecureAttachment attached and subsequently deleted.

2.0.31 (Released 2013-11-27)

  • NEW: EnableOnlySecureSendWithPlugin setting (to be used through registry or custom setting) - disables everything except SecureSend command
    You can do it either by editing group's Custom properties (add line EnableOnlySecureSendWithPlugin = 1), or by setting registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\LiquidFiles\SFT!EnableOnlySecureSendWithPlugin to 1 (DWORD)
  • NEW: Plugin's buttons and selectors now have visual style corresponding to that of Outlook version that hosts plugin (e.g., plugin detects version of Outlook and updates visual style accordingly).
  • FIXED: LiquidFiles panel missing in some scenarios
  • FIXED: "Panel: ObjectDisposed" error sometimes appears when trying to resend files
  • FIXED: When resending files, "Refresh" button does not refresh list of attachments in plugin.
  • FIXED: When composing a Meeting, two identical Ribbon groups would show.
  • FIXED: When resending an item and then deleting it from the view, attachment would be deleted at the server
  • FIXED: When resending an item, "upload progress" would still show and stay at 0%

2.0.30 (Released 2013-11-26)

  • NEW: As of 2.0.30, plugin is based on .NET 4
  • NEW: When querying for registry values, branch with other bitness is checked, too.
    (e.g., 32 bit plugin/agent queries for registry value and it's not found in 32-bit branch on 64-bit HKLM, plugin/agent will query 64-bit branch next; if 64bit branch is examined first and value not found, 32-bit branch will be examined next).
  • FIXED: REGKEYSCRIPT MSI parameter not writing registry values into 64-bit branch when used for local_machine

2.0.29 (Released 2013-11-22)

  • NEW: you can specify registry values as parameter to msiexec, in name=value pairs separated by semicolon ";" such as
    >msiexec /i liquidfiles.msi /qn REGKEYSCRIPT="AutoSignInServiceUrl=;BaseUrl="
  • Values will be created under HKCU for _user_ setup and under HKLM for _admin_ setup (under Wow6432Node for 32bit Outlook on 64bit system)
    Note that in case of conflict HKCU has preference, see DefaultExpirationDownloadCount registry policy
  • NEW: support for limiting recipient domains at LiquidFiles server.
  • NEW: you can force LiquidFiles to draw its controls on new Ribbon tab rather than on existing main tab. To do that, create registry value named OutlookRibbonTabCaption with desired caption. You can use REGKEYSCRIPT on install as per option above:
    msiexec /i liquidfiles.msi /qn REGKEYSCRIPT="OutlookRibbonTabCaption=LiquidFiles"
  • FIXED: with non-US English regional settings such as English (Canadian), U.S. regional settings were used, leading to mm/dd/yyyy formatting of dates, and dot "." as decimal point instead of settings from Control Panel
  • FIXED: date selector allowed users to select dates in the past
  • FIXED: date selector would not accept keyboard input when used on TaskPane
  • FIXED: plugin not intercepting when attachment is dragged into Compose window with OL2013

2.0.28 (Released 2013-10-06)

  • NEW: Support for Windows Authentication proxy.
  • FIXED: In some scenarios, API key could never be obtained from the server
  • FIXED: Meaningless exception messages when trying to login with wrong password
  • FIXED: Policy settings not working

2.0.27 (Released 2013-09-23)

  • FIXED: In some scenarios, API key could never be obtained from the server.

2.0.26 (Released 2013-09-11)

  • NEW: Updated Command-Line Utility with support for Downloading files and Filedrop.
  • FIXED: SecureSend no longer loses attachments. Also, SecureSend now can save attachments in MSG format rather than DOC format as backup scenario.

2.0.25b (Released 2013-07-18)

Patch for GPO roll-out only

  • LiquidFiles_Admin_2.0.25.msi has been found faulty when rolling out through GPO (it ignored "silent install" mode). MSI file has been fixed to avoid this problem and re-released..

2.0.25 (Released 2013-07-15)

  • NEW: Outlook Plugin now injects invitations to download files in HTML format, if it's defined at the server
  • NEW: By default, Outlook Plugin now displays own "Attach File" dialog. This can be overriden by server-side or registry policy, see here.
  • FIXED: Stability fixes: Outlook Plugin would when closing Outlook windows, in a number of scenarios.
  • FIXED: On a number of forms, layout fixed to display localized captions better.

Attention: Due to mismatch in internal server version numbers, when using this version of plugin, HTML markup codes may be injected into email as plain text when server has version 2.3.9 only. If that's the case on your system, you can avoid it by upgrading server to version 2.3.10, or contact us for custom solution.

2.0.23 (Released 2013-06-30)

  • NEW: Outlook plugin and Windows agent localized for French and Spanish languages. We can add your language to the list, please check the Outlook Localization Documenation for more info.
  • NEW: All permissions and properties (such as hide/display Send Folders button) can now be set through the server's properties and custom properties rather than through registry policies, and server's policies take precedence over registry policies.
  • FIXED: Plugin would crash because of localization errors in German locale.
  • FIXED: Windows Agent panel would show every time the plugin uploads something.

2.0.21 (Released 2013-05-12)

  • NEW: Outlook plugin and Windows agent localized for German, Icelandic, Russian and Sweden languages. We can add your language to the list, please check the Outlook Localization Documenation for more info.
  • NEW: if any file is rejected by the server upon server-based error, plugin would allow user to select and remove bad attachments.
  • FIXED: Windows Agent would sometimes crash when loaded by Outlook plugin
  • FIXED: sometimes Outlook Plugin would not use Windows Agent to upload files even though Windows Agent is running
  • FIXED: Expiry date not adjusted once file has been uploaded

2.0.18 (Released 2013-03-11)

  • NEW: Pane dock position and height/width saved.
  • FIXED: Windows Agent must be running already at the time it's used from Outlook plugin.
  • FIXED: Outlook Plugin unresponsive while uploading files.
  • FIXED: Outlook Plugin freezes if server rejects uploads in various scenarios.
  • FIXED: Outlook Plugin would not launch Agent automatically when required.

2.0.17 (Released 2013-03-11)

Beta: This is NOT a stable version.

  • FIXED: Agent would crash if 'expiry date' is not consistent with server settings.
  • FIXED: Agent would crash if server rejects uploads in various scenarios
  • FIXED: Outlook Plugin's "attach" window appears not on the window that called Attachment function.
  • FIXED: If server updates its settings, they are not downloaded to client applications.
  • FIXED: Login screen requires valid email in 'username' field when it is not applicable.

2.0.16 (Released 2012-12-18)

Beta: This is NOT a stable version.

  • FIXED: Support for Outlook 2013 implemented
  • NEW: ability to resend files already uploaded without having to reupload them
  • NEW: use registry key ForceHttps=1 (DWORD) to force selection of https:// scheme in url

2.0.10 (Released 2012-11-06)

  • FIXED: When uploading files through Windows Agent, sometimes progress on current file was not properly reflected
  • FIXED: When uploading a file through Outlook plugin, Outlook sometimes becomes unresponsive for less than a second.
  • FIXED: When uploading a file through Outlook plugin, progress indicator flickers.
  • FIXED: Uploads are resumed automatically in case of system failure.
  • NEW: Chunked uploads supported

2.0.8 (Released 2012-10-28)

  • FIXED: When uploading files through Windows Agent, visualization of progress in Outlook Plugin is not always updated in real-time fashion.
  • FIXED: Setup packages and executable files are now digitally signed.
  • NEW, Outlook 2007+ only: Ability to override standard "Attach file" dialog to intercept and secure-upload large attachments. Import attached OverrideAttach.reg to use this feature.
  • NEW: Maximum attachment length is now enforced for all attachments combined, not individual attachment.

2.0.7 (Released 2012-10-24)

  • FIXED: Outlook plug-in will now correctly honor settings from HKLM registry branch. Note - on x64 systems you may still need to duplicate settings to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node, if you use 32-bit Office.
  • NEW: Starting with version 2.0.7 of both Windows Agent and Outlook plug-in, Outlook plugin will try to use Windows Agent to transfer files.
  • Windows Agent is included in per-user setups now. Per-machine installs do not contain Windows Agent which has to be deployed separately in this version.

2.0.6 (Released 2012-10-16)

Beta: This is NOT a stable version.

  • FIXED: when uploading several files or folder, upload process would stuck
  • FIXED: when uploading several files, and one or more of those files blocked at the server, email would not send until blocked files have been removed from upload pane manually
  • FIXED: upload progress indicator still visible after upload has finished.

2.0.5 (Released 2012-10-11)

  • FIXED: excessive CPU utilization with 64-bit Outlook.
  • FIXED: incorrect visualization of current version

2.0.4 (Released 2012-10-08)

  • FIXED: in some situations, attachments were uploaded but deleted after email with attachment has been sent
  • FIXED: upload progress visualization

2.0.2 (Released 2012-09-30)

  • Rebranded
  • Outlook 2013 Preview is now supported