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LiquidFiles Documentation

License Renewal

Anything License related with LiquidFiles is done at This is where you can purchase licenses, renew licenses and upgrade licenses to more users.

License Renewals

You can renew your license at any point.

  • If you renew your license before it expires, the new expiration date will be the old expiration date + one or three years, depending on if you're purchasing a one or three year renewal.
  • If you renew your license after it has expired, the new expiration date will be one or three years from today.

As an example, lets say that today is 1st of November and you have two licenses, one expired 1st of October , and one will expire 1st of December . You purchase a one year renewal for both of them.

  • The license that will expire 1st of December will be extended to 1st of December (old expiration date + 1 year).
  • The license that expired 1st of October will get a new expiration of 1st of November (1 year from today).

It doesn't matter when you renew your license, it will always just keep adding years to the expiration date.

How to renew

Please go to and click on your license. Or alternatively, please login as a Sysadmin to your LiquidFiles system and click on Admin → License and the click on the "Renew License" button, as in the screenshot below (either of these options will take you to the same place).

From either or clicking on the Renew License button, you will get to a screen similar to the following:

At this page you can select to Generate Invoice if you wish to pay with a Wire Transfer, or pay with any of the supported payment options.