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LiquidFiles Documentation

Attachment API Attributes

When you list or view messages, or other API calls with attachments, you will get either a single attachment or an array of attachments in the API response. The attachment attributes will be the same and outlined in this article.

Response Parameters
Parameter Type Description
id String The Attachment ID
filename String The Attachment Filename
size Integer Exact File Size in Bytes
size_human String Approximate, human friendly, file size (11.2 MB, 23.3 KB, ...)
content_type String The Content-Type
checksum String SHA-256 Checksum
crc32 String CRC32 Checksum
assembled Boolean True if the attachment has been assembled or not (when uploading multiple chunks)
virus_scan_required Boolean True if the attachment is required to be Virus Scanned.
virus_scanned Boolean True if the attachment has been Virus Scanned.
virus_scanned_at DateTime When the Virus Scanner last scanned this attachment.
content_blocked Boolean True if the attachment has been blocked (by the Virus Scanner or ActionScript).
content_blocked_message String If the attachment has been blocked, this will display the reason.
actionscript String If the attachment needs to be scanned by an ActionScript Upload script, this will list the name of that script.
actionscript_scanned Boolean True if the ActionScript scan has been performed.
actionscript_scanned_at DateTime When the ActionScript was executed.
processed Boolean True when the attachment has completed all required Assembly, Checksum, Virus and ActionScript scanning.
processed_at DateTime When the Attachment completed all required processing.
available Boolean True if the file is available for download or not. Please note that this is user context sensitive. If the user is an Admin or if a file is required to be virus scanned and you have a setting in Admin → Configuration → Settings that Local Users can download files that are not virus scanned, then if the current user is a local user, this available will be true regardless if the virus_scan has completed or not. For external users or if Local Users are not permitted to download files that haven't been virus scanned, this will be false unless the virus scan has completed with no virus detected.
expires_at DateTime When the Attachment has been attached to at least one Message or FileLink, this is when the last Message or FileLink expires.
created_at DateTime When the Attachment was created.
messages Array The Message ID of any messages that the attachment is attached to.
filelinks Array The FileLink ID of any FileLinks that the attachment is attached to.


  "id": "8mop0J8KXRa93DasEdTdiJ",
  "filename": "",
  "size": 3132812,
  "size_human": "2.99 MB",
  "content_type": "video/quicktime",
  "checksum": "5a9a8cb868a53679b9e28d06523cdd6580044560a98401da9b81c8314056dccc",
  "crc32": "44b411",
  "assembled": true,
  "virus_scan_required": true,
  "virus_scanned": true,
  "virus_scanned_at": "2019-12-10T00:41:23.300Z",
  "actionscript": null,
  "actionscript_scanned_at": null,
  "actionscript_scanned": false,
  "content_blocked": false,
  "content_blocked_message": null,
  "processed": true,
  "processed_at": "2019-12-10T00:41:23.300Z",
  "expires_at": "2020-01-09",
  "created_at": "2019-12-10T00:41:22.000Z",
  "available": true,
  "messages": ["ctunaJMapLydXlG694MsAA"],
  "filelinks": []