LiquidFiles Documentation
LiquidFiles Documentation

How to get Added to the LiquidFiles Partner Page

If you want to be added to the Public LiquidFiles Reseller/Partner page, please follow the steps on this page.

The benefit to be listed on the Public Partner page includes:

  • Increased direct sales by customers finding your information on the page.
  • Increased indirect sales — when someone contacts LiquidFiles support asking for a reseller, we will only refer to Resellers listed on this page.
  • Increased visibility and exposure for your company with additional links pointing to you.

The way the Public Reseller/Partner page work is as a link exchange program. When you add a blurb about LiquidFiles on your site, linking to us, we'll reciprocate and put a blurb on our page linking to you.

LiquidFiles info on your site

To add information about LiquidFiles on your page. Please use either of the following iframes:

<iframe id="liquidfiles" src="" style="border: none; overflow: auto; width: 100%; height: 700px;"></iframe>

Or if you want to include a smaller section without the benefits section, please use:

<iframe id="liquidfiles" src="" style="border: none; overflow: auto; width: 100%; height: 300px;"></iframe>

You may need to adjust the hights and the widths to make it fit your page.

If you don't want to include an iframe on your site, please copy the information from either iframe page and place in a relevant section on your site.

Information about you on the LiquidFiles page

Please see the following section from The Missing Link as an example:

In short, we'll need:

  • Name: Your business name as you want to see it listed.
  • Country: Country where you operate.
  • Your Logo in PNG format, no taller than 65px (or we'll reserve the rights to scale it).
  • Contact information.
  • About you: A short blurb on what services you provide.
  • Your URL where the LiquidFiles information is visible.

Please email this information to

Go Live?

Since we're just starting out with this, we'll go live when we get about 10 partners signed up.