LiquidFiles Documentation
LiquidFiles Documentation

LiquidFiles CLI for Windows


The command line utility can be launched as it is by your scripts (no other component required) and used to upload files to LiquidFiles server, send messages, etc. It can be used manually or as part of the script with /c switch used to specify output only actual response of the server. It will use Windows Agent's API key by default but can be specified its own connection settings at command prompt parameters.

Requirements for version 3.* (current)

  • LiquidFiles virtual appliance v3.6 or later.
  • Windows 7 or later
  • .NET 6 Runtime. In a rare case when runtime is broken, you might need to download and install the latest .NET 6 SDK to fix it.

Requirements for versions 2.* (legacy)

  • LiquidFiles virtual appliance v2.3 or later.
  • Windows XP or later
  • .NET v4 or higher (.NET 4.5 required for TLS 1.1/1.2)


Launch it at command prompt to get full list of commands. Here are some samples:

  • Send a file and get email message to the console
LiquidFilesCLI send / /c:m /f:c:\somefilepath.jpg
  • Upload two files and get attachment ids only, do not send message
LiquidFilesCLI send /n /c:a /f:c:\file1.dat /f:c:\file2.dat
  • Explicitly authenticate
LiquidFilesCLI send /url: /u:yourusername /p:yourpassword / /subject:subject /msgfile:d:\emailtemplate.htm /f:d:\samplefile.xls
  • Upload file to a specific filedrop folder
LiquidFilesCLI filedrop / /url: /subject:subject /f:d:\samplefile.xls
  • Query api key of a specific user
LiquidFilesCLI retreive_api_key /
  • Create FileLink url
LiquidFilesCLI filelink /f:d:\samplefile.x;s /c:m /days:0

Error codes

As of version 2.0.44, error codes are implemented

  • FileNotFound=1
  • ServerConnectionError=2
  • AuthenticationFailed=3
  • RuntimeError=98
  • WrongParameters=99


Release Notes

3.7.9 (Released 2023-02-24)

  • FIX: option to drop certificate validation
  • FIX: compatibility fixes for 4.0 servers

3.7.8 (Released 2023-07-30)

  • FIX: various stability fixes

3.7.7 (Released 2023-05-22)

  • NEW: Support for Sender argument
  • FIX: various stability fixes

3.7.5 (Released 2023-03-29)

  • NEW: Support for file shares synchronization with Windows Agent
  • FIX: Don't require persisted API key

3.7.2 (Released 2022-07-22)

  • This is a beta release
  • NEW: support for TLS 1.3 (requires Windows 11 or Windows 10 with enabled TLS 1.3)
  • NEW: support for SSO
  • NEW: support for snapshot-based synchronization with file shares (Server 3.7+ is required; 3.6 is only partially supported).

2.0.91 (Released 2018-09-19)

  • NEW: support for LiquidFiles v3.2 and later

2.0.49 (Released 2014-11-17)

  • NEW: support for TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 (note: .NET 4.5 required)

2.0.48 (Released 2014-11-16)

  • NEW: you can now specify file mask instead of file path. /f:c:\somepath\*.zip

2.0.47 (Released 2014-10-28)

  • HOTFIX: uploads fail when trying to resume upload to new domain (most importantly, fail to upload to filedrop since filedrop is treated as new independent domain).

2.0.46 (Released 2014-10-26)

  • NEW: help system based on HTML files.
  • NEW: Ability to set criteria "uploaded in last NNN hours" or "uploaded since date" when downloading files.
  • RETIRED: Ability to delete uploaded files when they are downloaded has been retired since it has been in violation with security assupmtions and was not working correctly.
  • RETIRED: flag /secure: renamed to /download_permission:
  • FIX: CLI application now performs remote validation of recipients by default; use /validate_recipients:off to turn it off explicitly.
  • FIX: option to secure downloads (/download_permission:) now defaults to group policy setting rather than to "Selected Only".

2.0.44 (Released 2014-10-26)

  • NEW: CLI now returns error codes
  • NEW: ExpiresAfterDownloads parameter added to CLI
  • NEW: in chunked upload mode, session state will be preserved and re-used if upload process crashes

2.0.43 (Released 2014-08-28)

  • NEW: support for FileLinks
  • FIXED: /days parameter

2.0.39 (Released 2014-04-15)

Requires Server Version minimum 2.4.7.

  • NEW: support for filedrop with server version 2.4.7 ("/from" parameter)

2.0.35 (Released 2014-02-02)

  • NEW: new syntax LiquidFilesCLI help [helpcommand] to show help on specific command
  • NEW: new syntax LiquidFilesCLI [command] to explicitly specify command.
  • NEW: support for anonymous uploads to filedrop folders (requires server-side appliance 2.3.29 or later)

DEPRECATED: support for /filedrop API key deprecated

2.0.34 (Released 2014-01-16)

  • Fix: /n key alone did not work.
    For example, /f:c:\ /n /k would still attempt to send files over, fail and delete uploaded attachments from the server.

2.0.33 (Released 2013-12-15)

  • Fix: when reading settings from CustomParameters section of XML response, short names were not supported (e.g., user/injectPosition was supported but InjectPosition was not)

2.0.32 (Released 2013-12-05)

  • New: /toleratereadsettingsfailure parameter
  • Fix: failing on some systems while attempting to verify recipients

2.0.28 (Released 2013-09-29)

  • Support for FileRequest and GetApiKey (query API key for any user). NB: you must be authenticated as administrator to get API keys.

2.0.26 (Released 2013-09-11)

  • Support for downloading attachments (SFTP replacement) and for Filedrop.

1.0.15 (Released 2012-12-17)

  • Support for resending attachments

1.0.10 (Released 2012-11-06)

  • Support for chunked uploads

1.0 (Released 2012-10-04)

  • Initial Release