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LiquidFiles Documentation

Secure Message API Attributes

When you view or list messages using the API, you will get either a single message or a list of messages in the API response. The message attributes will be the same and outlined in this article.

Response Parameters
Parameter Type Description
id String The message ID
sender String The sender of the message.
recipients Array All the specified recpients.
ccs Array All the specified cc'd recipients.
bccs Array All the specified bcc'd recipients (if permitted to view).
created_at Datetime When the message was created.
expires_at Datetime When the message expires.
expires_after Integer When the message expires.
size Integer The combined size of all attached files in bytes.
authorization Integer 0: Anyone can download
1: Anyone can download after authentication
2: Specified Recipients and local users can download
3: Only Specified Recipients can download
4: Specified Recipients and Recipient Domains can download
authorization_description String The description of the authorization in human form.
private_message Boolean True if the message is a Private Message.
url String The URL for the Secure Message.
subject String The message subject.
message Text The message body.
attachments Array The attached files to this message. Please see the Attachment Attributes for a complete description of the individual Attachment Attributes.


  "sender": "",
  "expires_at": "2021-08-10",
  "expires_after": null,
  "authorization": 3,
  "size": 11474,
  "subject": "[test] test",
  "message": "test",
  "private_message": false,
  "id": "LFqniImnZkx0zZjc4UGKzm",
  "authorization_description": "Only Specified Recipients can access",
  "recipients": [""],
  "ccs": [],
  "url": "",
  "created_at": "2021-07-27T18:46:25.638+10:00",
  "attachments": [{
    "id": "O6KSq1LV85jSf7Yl3dMJdO",
    "filename": "secret_project.jpg",
    "size": 11474,
    "content_type": "image/jpeg",
    "checksum": "0dbafbb8bfd80184ccf4a1baf97d9bf85b93a5b41427a3b8fcfc49223e286135",
    "crc32": "df2ae332",
    "assembled": true,
    "virus_scan_required": true,
    "virus_scanned": true,
    "virus_scanned_at": null,
    "actionscript": null,
    "actionscript_scanned_at": null,
    "actionscript_scanned": false,
    "content_blocked": false,
    "content_blocked_message": "Clean",
    "processed": true,
    "processed_at": "2021-07-27T18:46:25.493+10:00",
    "expires_at": "2021-08-10",
    "created_at": "2021-07-27T18:46:24.756+10:00",
    "available": false,
    "size_human": "11.2 KB"