LiquidFiles Documentation
LiquidFiles Documentation

Release Notes Version 1.1.x

v1.1.4 (Released 2009-03-26)

  • Security: Administrators cannot edit System Administrators
  • Fix: Set return-receipt to the sending user for the outgoing emails. This will make sure that bounces gets delivered back to the sending user.
  • Fix: local domains are always stored lowercase, and checking for local domains are case-insensitive
  • Fix: The activation gives better error reporting
  • Reliability: Fixed a problem with authenticating to the PMDF IMAP server

v1.1.3 (Released 2009-03-04)

  • Fix: The custom stylesheet was not displayed on the front page
  • Fix: An empty list of blocked file extension throws an error
  • Fix: Sometimes user self registration fails when remote authentication is set

v1.1.2 (Released 2009-02-16)

  • Enhancement: Built-in Antivirus scanning using ClamAV
  • Enhancement: Blocking of files with certain file types (Windows executables blocked as default)
  • Enhancement: Hooks to create custom file checks on upload.
  • Fix: email addresses are stored as lower case when entered

v1.1.1 (Released 2009-02-09)

  • Fix: Internet Explorer display error
  • Fix: Outdated library caused updates from v1.1 to fail

v1.1 (Released 2009-02-08)

  • Enhancement: Localization: The Filetransfer appliance can now be set to use English, English with Australian numbering format, German and Swedish. French and Dutch is under development and will be added soon.
  • Enhancement: Added setting for when to delete downloaded files.
  • Enhancement: Added setting for default download expiration
  • Enhancement: Added setting to allow users to change default download expiration or not
  • Enhancement: Added outgoing email relay authentication through the web interface
  • Enhancement: Added the ability to change login domain for LDAP logins
  • Enhancement: Updated IMAP authentication mechanism to allow both “user@domain” and “user” type logins
  • Fix: Stability update to the update mechanism
  • Fix: Delete all active transfer belonging to a user if the user is deleted
  • Fix: Self-signed certificates wasn't detected reliably for the Firefox ssl/flash warning