LiquidFiles Documentation
LiquidFiles Documentation

Using a dev/test/staging system with the production license

A fairly common scenario in primarily large organisations is the requirement for separate test/dev or staging installations. With LiquidFiles, you have two options:

  • You can purchase a separate license for the test/dev/staging system. There are license options from 5 users.
  • You can use the production license, with limitations.

To use the production license on a test system, you have to set the Public hostname (configured in Admin → System → Hostname & Public URL) to the same as the production system. Lets say that our production system is called '' and our test system is called ''. If you go to Admin → Email on the test system, and set the configuration to be:

Public URL: https:

This will do a couple of things. It will enable you to use the same license key for both the prod and test system. The drawback is that when you send a test message from, the URL in the email will be: so it won't be clickable, as the link points to the production system and the message isn't there. But this doesn't really matter as this is only a test system. Before pasting the link into your browser, you can just replace with, or with the ip address for the test system, and that way you can test the download of files as well. To make it easier, you can obviously change the email template layout on the test system to include a message to replace the hostname in the URL to remind you.