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Release Notes Version 2.6.x

Version 2.6.30 (released 2016-11-03)

  • Fixed a problem where uploaded files would display undefined while being uploaded.
  • Fixed the export function for syslog when a search has been entered.
  • -> changes.
  • Version 2.6.29 (released 2016-10-27)

    • Updated the kernel to fix Dirty Cow (CVE-2016-5195) — Please restart your system after applying this update to use the updated kernel.
    • Updated URLs to point to
    • Fixed a filename issue that could potentially lead to a CSRF problem.
    • Added End of Life and End of Support messages for v2.6.x.
    • Added function to update AV signatures from the console.
    • Fixed a problem reallocating licenses when updating domains.
    • Fixed IPv6 Gateway configuration.

    Version 2.6.28 (released 2016-07-04)

    • Fixed a problem where AV infected file could sometimes be downloaded.
    • Always show the API key in the Account and Admin → User View if the API has been enabled.
    • Fixed a problem with JSON API requests that would sometimes include an extra comma (,).
    • Increased the LDAP server connection test timeout.
    • Fixed the display of LDAP attributes for some LDAP servers.

    Version 2.6.27 (released 2016-06-17)

    • Increase the system watchdog memory check for ClamAV.
    • Always allow max file size to be entered in groups admin interface.

    Version 2.6.26 (released 2016-05-23)

    • Validate email address for Message and FileLink email authentication.
    • Updated email validation token functionality to permit content-blockers (Barracuda, ...) to visit links without invalidating links for users.
    • Updated the download receipts to include message URL and message ID.
    • Security: Fixed a problem where a carefully crafted URL could sometime bypass FileLink authentication.

    Version 2.6.25 (released 2016-04-04)

    • Changed from to our own
    • Simplified Duo authentication screen.
    • Fixed a problem with Duo authentication accessing FileLinks.
    • Ensure that new users with Duo authentication enabled are required to use Duo when setting up their accounts.
    • Removed the legacy clean_data_dir command that was causing issues.
    • Fixed a problem with the validation link when using Admin → User → Resend Validation Email.
    • Better validation of Expired FileLinks to display the FileLinks expired/deleted FileLink in more cases.
    • Removed API key from log message when resetting API key.
    • Enable trusted proxies to be specified as networks (for range of trusted proxies).

    Version 2.6.24 (released 2016-01-25)

    • Updated System Status page with added checks for reverse lookup status and email blacklist status.
    • Security: Fixed a problem where a carefully crafted URL could bypass the FileLink random link.
    • Security: Fixed a problem where a system administrator with a carefully crafted post could execute a cli command as root.
    • Updated SSL Cipher list to make Chrome not claim weak cipher.
    • Change to use our own external ip detection service.
    • More robust detection of html body in emaildrops.
    • Send reject emails when an emaildrop fails to both the sender and recipients.
    • Fixed a problem where attachments would more often than needed be processed as chunks.
    • Added XML response for can_change_bcc_myself.
    • Added download application log for FileLinks, added Message and FileLink ID's to download log.
    • Don't load wysihtml5 for IE Mobile 11.
    • Updated automatic locale detection.
    • Updated search daemon memory requirement detection.

    Version 2.6.23 (released 2015-10-06)

    • Fixed a problem with v2.6.22 that prevented Admins to edit users.
    • Don't restart the system with hitting ctrl-alt-delete.

    Version 2.6.22 (released 2015-09-21)

    • Updated page caching configuration.
    • Better server side validation of File Requests reuse.
    • Enable bruteforce detection on the Account → Edit password change.
    • Added HttpOnly to cookies.
    • Enable bruteforce protection for the API.
    • Escape the recipients cache.
    • Fixed a problem where admins sometimes could change groups to a sysadmin group.
    • Updated layout of the registration page.

    Version 2.6.21 (released 2015-09-15)

    • Fixed a problem where users couldn't delete files they sent (a problem since v2.6.19).
    • Add Strong Authentication when registering a user if set as a requirement for a group.
    • Added sent_in_the_last and sent_after to Sent Messages API.
    • Only display download links if the file exists and added a available tag for the Sent API.

    Version 2.6.20 (released 2015-09-09)

    • Added Sent Messages API.
    • Fixed a problem where pool files could sometimes be deleted by the nightly maintenance task.

    Version 2.6.19 (released 2015-09-08)

    • Fixed a problem where virus infected files was permitted to be downloaded from a FileLink.
    • List system root url instead of hostname in the saml issuer.
    • Fixed an issue receiving File Requests using IE8.

    Version 2.6.18 (released 2015-08-31)

    • Reworked the quota calculation system for the compose page to update calculations when removing attachments, adding existing files.
    • Added smb to restore command validation.
    • Fixed an issue where the correct domain wasn't set for FTPdrops and Emaildrops.
    • Fixed a problem submitting filelinks for non-default domains.
    • Fixed a couple of issues relating to IE8 and non-default domains.
    • Fixed a problem with custom filedrop parameters for checkbox and radio buttons.
    • Changed download functions to permit download of attachments for sysadmins in the default domain for non-default domains.
    • Don't display the backup information in the daily status email if backups haven't been configured.
    • LiquidFiles ISO/VMDK/OVF/Hyper-V images have been updated to CentOS 6.7.

    Version 2.6.17 (released 2015-07-30)

    • Only display backup status if the backup has been configured.
    • Added freshclam mirrors as the main mirror seems to be timing out at the moment.
    • Added configuration to make non-default domains configurable to use http or https independent of the default domain.
    • Fixed the Filedrop URL link in Admin → Users for non-default domains.

    Version 2.6.16 (released 2015-07-16)

    • Added web server redirect host configuration.
    • Removed SSLv3 and weak ciphers from the FTPdrop when using FTP with TLS.
    • Fixed a typo in the SAML2 authorization change in v2.6.15.
    • Fixed an issue where the link editor would keep popping on when editing a link on the compose page.
    • Fixed a problem where if you added an existing file, removed it, it wouldn't be possible to reselect the file in the existing file popup if you changed your mind again.

    Version 2.6.15 (released 2015-07-13)

    • Changed SAML2 authorization level to better integrate with ADFS.
    • Fixed the asset location for non-default domains.
    • Enable sending messages with no files and private message enabled but not changeable (hidden).
    • Ensure that non-default admin groups are always local.
    • Improved memory utilization.
    • Fixed a problem that could cause zipfiles to not download properly when zipping many files.
    • Addded Subject label for correct localization in the File Request.
    • Fixed a problem that could sometimes delete pool files during the nightly maintenance.
    • Add a small delay before reassembly to fix a very rare issue that could cause files to not be reassembled properly.

    Version 2.6.14 (released 2015-05-26)

    • Added strong Diffie-Hellman keys to Nginx to protect against LogJammer.
    • Updated the Cipher list to always disable RC4 and enable 3DES (to ensure connectivity to IE8 and still retain an A on the SSL Labs SSL test).
    • Disable the Send button in the Filedrop compose window if there's invalid files.
    • Moved the Remote Syslog configuration to Admin → Network.
    • Add autocomplete=off to the registration page if disabled in the configuration.
    • Better detection of XML formatting errors.

    Version 2.6.13 (released 2015-04-30)

    • Permit email authentication tokens to be re-used during their validity period.
    • Fixed the locale class when using sub-locales for the custom branding for locales.
    • Fixed a problem where the favicon wouldn't be displayed properly.
    • Fixed a problem where File Request messages wasn't visible in the inbox.
    • Fixed the static route configuration.
    • Fixed the link controller to view links with the API.
    • ixed the FileLink update parameters settings with the API.
    • Added message to the list of available tags for the account signup request email template.
    • Updated the default system locale files.
    • Fixed asset paths when using domains.

    Version 2.6.12 (released 2015-03-31)

    • Fixed a typo in v2.6.11 (that has now been pulled)

    Version 2.6.11 (released 2015-03-31)

    • Added a locale class to enable interface changes based on locale. Please see this article for more information.
    • Added a weekly maintenance task to ensure expired files are deleted.
    • Added additional safeguards to ensure the LiquidFiles web application does not consume more memory than it has to.
    • Better validation that the correct system configuration files are installed.
    • Remove extra newlines when pasting from word and outlook.
    • Fixed a problem where zip downloads in the non-default domain could sometimes not be downloaded.
    • Fixed a problem download zip archive that contained pool files.
    • Fixed a problem with download notifications if zip archive contain pool files.
    • Fixed a problem where expires after would be counted across messages when not requiring authentication.
    • Fixed a problem where Filelinks was sometimes not deleted.
    • Fixed a problem where the copy button for the users Filedrop wasn't accurate after the Filedrop URL was reset.
    • Fixed a display issue where the html editor wouldn't be displayed properly in MSIE 9.
    • Fixed a problem relaying root emails with email relays.
    • Ensure Local Users Receive Only has FileLink disabled.
    • Better support for detecting XML parse errors.
    • Increase the system status check timeouts to 15s for http/https and 30s for AV.
    • Cleaned up some old configuration.

    Version 2.6.10 (released 2015-02-23)

    • Fixed a problem with downloading ZIP files over https.
    • Added httpping, httpsping to the F2 Setup menu, added reset_admin and update to F2 Setup for demo installations.
    • Fixed a problem where support access could not be enabled.
    • Fixed a problem where expires after for attachments attached to multiple messages would have an incorrect count.
    • Fixed the move users function when deleting a group with users in it.
    • Updated Duo libraries after a recent Duo security update.
    • Added an improved UTF8 Santizer for input validation.

    Version 2.6.9 (released 2015-02-10)

    • Added user and group classes to logged in pages for custom branding per user or per group.
    • Added download_all class to all user download_all functions.
    • Change the password reset and email validation timeouts to 1 hour.
    • Fixed a problem where user invite emails wasn't linebreaked properly.
    • Fixed a backup problem that in some configurations would timeout after 30s.
    • Fixed a problem where Emaildrops sometimes couldn't be processed with invalid character conversions.

    Version 2.6.8 (released 2015-02-02)

    • Fix for a problem where backups would sometimes timeout.
    • Fix for a problem where sometimes it's not possible to run the manual backup job.

    Version 2.6.7 (released 2015-01-28)

    • Fix for a problem from v2.6.6 where zip files wasn't recognised in Chrome and Internet Explorer.
    • Add Message ID response in the Filedrop API if Send Receipt to Sender has been enabled (mimicking the web interface).
    • Fixed a problem in Admin → Groups where it wasn't possible to set Expires After if the user wasn't permitted to change it.
    • Fixed a problem where curl would sometimes cause defunct processes for retreiving geolocation data.

    Version 2.6.6 (released 2015-01-23)

    • Fix for download all/zip files that sometimes couldn't be downloaded.
    • Show Sent Messages and the Inbox to all groups that has messages enabled.
    • Escape HTML in the HTML4 file selector.

    Version 2.6.5 (released 2015-01-07)

    • Newline fix for pasting text into the message field.
    • Fix for Emaildrop's when sending "non-safe" filenames.
    • Fixed a problem where a users signature couldn't be removed.
    • Latest stable version of rails.

    Version 2.6.4 (released 2014-12-11)

    • Disable RC4 Cipher by default (you can add it back in Admin → Network if you need to support IE on WIndows XP).
    • Added Expires at to File Request API response.
    • Increased status checks timeout to 15s in Admin → Status.

    Version 2.6.3 (released 2014-12-05)

    • Added max expires after and can change expires after API response to the account API.
    • Added /attachments/unattached api call.
    • Fixed a problems with Filedrops if there was a @ character in the URL.
    • Use the correct email template layout for non-default domains.
    • Display the admin domains tags instead of the default domain when editing non-default domains.
    • Fixed a problem editing the download_receipt_filedrop_sender_zip_tags email template.

    Version 2.6.2 (released 2014-12-01)

    • Added help_text and raw_html methods to the custom filedrop.
    • Added `ft reset_admin` command line command, to reset the password on the first sysadmin account.
    • Fixed a problem where later versions of IE11 could not use the Add Files button (getting a JavaScript error).
    • Fixed a problem where FTPdrop files would sometimes not be picked up.
    • Fixed a couple of rendering issues on the FileLink page.
    • Fixed a problem editing email templates in subdomains.

    Version 2.6.1 (released 2014-11-26)

    • Fixed a problem where FTPdrop files would sometimes not be picked up.
    • Fixed a problem changing a group from an admin to a non-admin group.

    Version 2.6.0 (released 2014-11-19)

    Please see this video for highlights of the changes in v2.6:

    Functional Changes

    • Added Emaildrops - emaildrops is a way of receiving incomging emails (SMTP) to the LiquidFiles system and automatically process them and send like Filedrops to a specified recipient.
    • Added FTPdrops - FTPdrop is a way of receiving incomging files using FTP, FTP with TLS, SFTP and SCP and have them processed like Filedrops. Each indivudal file dropped will be processed and sent just like if a file was sent using the Filedrop.
    • Updated Filedrops to add individual Stylesheets and JavaScript on a per Filedrop basis.
    • Updated Filedrops to add the ability to send confirmation to the Filedrop sender, and disable sending confirmation to the Filedrop owner.
    • Added Filedrop custom fields - you can now add your own fields (text, textarea, select, radio and checkboxes) to Filedrops.
    • Added signatures for user accounts.
    • Added Pool Admins, administrators that can only administer Pools and Pool files.
    • Replaced Google Maps with OpenStreetMap.
    • Renamed the AV Queue to Attachment Processing Queue.
    • Permit Filedrop messages when the Filedrop expires after is bigger than the owners max expires after.
    • Fixed a problem with limit recipient domains didn't work properly on local domains.
    • Fix for disabling backups.
    • Fixed a problem where User Admins couldn't edit users.
    • Fixed a problem where some network settings couldn't be updated when running LiquidFiles on EC2.
    • Latest version of Ruby and Ruby on Rails.