LiquidFiles Documentation
LiquidFiles Documentation

Release Notes Version 1.0.x

v1.0.9 (Released 2009-01-10)

  • Security: Always fail authentication if a blank password is entered.

v1.0.8 (Released 2008-12-30)

  • Fix: Fixed a problem where sometimes non-admin users got an error “Something went wrong, we'll take a look at it shortly” directly after login.

v1.0.7 (Released 2008-12-24)

  • Fix: Fixed logo display errors in Internet Explorer 7
  • Fix: Fixed general display errors (white areas that shouldn't be there) in Internet Explorer 6
  • Fix: Fixed transparent image background problems in Internet Explorer 6
  • Fix: Fixed Javascript errors in Internet Explorer 7
  • Stability: Updated the flash upload library to the latest version

v1.0.6 (Released 2008-12-23)

  • Enhancement: Added Advanced LDAP Authentication configuration options, please see the remote authentication documentation
  • Enhancement: Added a setting to set all remote authenticated users as local
  • Enhancement: Added IMAP configuration for imap servers that authenticate with usernames only (without @domain)
  • Fix: downcase email before authentication so that and is the same user
  • Security: if user registration is disabled, redirect users back to the login page if they try to browse to the register URL
  • Stability: Max file size is now set to 2000 Mb if left blank
  • Fix: Password resets is disabled for remote authenticated users
  • Fix: The outgoing email sender envelope address is now set correctly
  • Stability: Added CrashReporter so in case the application crashes it will email the relevant log (no data) for analysis.

v1.0.5 (Released 2008-11-24)

  • Enhancement: Changed DEMO limitations, if you update to version 1.0.5, you will be able to send large files, and instead the system will be rebranded with a File Transfer DEMO branding
  • Enhancement: If an ip address hasn't been properly set (when the appliance boots for the first time) you will be prompted on the command line to set/change it, will make it easier to get started
  • Security: The VMware demo no longer comes with a predefined root password. In version 1.0.5 an onwards, the root account is locked and a password needs to be set from the webadmin console before it's possible to login as root.

v1.0.4 (Released 2008-11-19)

  • Enhancement: Support for flash version 10
  • New Feature: Added branding options to set a logotype, background colors and stylesheet overrides. The Allard Consulting copyright notice is only shown to system administrators.
  • New Feature: Cookie authentication to “remember me”
  • Stability: Updated the update mechanism

v1.0.3 (released 2008-11-15)

  • New Feature: Added a configuration option to remove the user signup link from the front page.
  • New Feature: Added display of Active Transfers and the possibility to delete files that hasn't been downloaded yet. This is available both for administrators that can delete any file, and individual users who can delete their own files.
  • New Feature: It's now possible to set individual expirations on transfers.
  • Stability: A much improved system watchdog system has been implemented.

v1.0.2 (released 2008-10-30)

  • Enhancement: It's now possible to upload Certificate Chains for subordinate CA's such as Godaddy.
  • Stability: Proper checking of certificates are now being performed when uploading certificates. It's no longer possible to upload certificates that will cause the webserver to stop.

v1.0.1 (released 2008-10-28)

  • Enhancement: There is an incompatibility with Firefox, Self-signed certificates and flash based functions, such as the uploader function in the Filetransfer Appliance. A warning is now issued when someone logs in with Firefox using https, and when there's a self-signed certificate installed.
  • Fix: There was a missing database entry causing an error during downloads
  • Fix: There was a problem with permissions when uploading certificates which caused Apache not to start.


First Public Release: 2008-10-26