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LiquidFiles Documentation

LiquidFiles Support

How does the support work?

With LiquidFiles, we use the support site at for all customer support. There's also a support email that is tied to If you send an email to it will create or update tickets on Using or is effectively the same thing where one is using a web browser and one using your email client. You will not receive any faster or different response regardless what method you use. You'd get the slowest response if you use both at the same time as you'd create two tickets and we need to spend time merging one ticket into the other.

What will you support me with?

LiquidFiles is a supported product, but it's not a managed product. We will support and explain how everything works to the best of our ability but we won't configure or manage the product for you.

To put simply, we will happily explain what each and any of the fields in LiquidFiles does, but we won't tell you what to put in them. As examples this will mean:

  • In the Admin → Configuration → Branding section, we will happily explain that to change the look of LiquidFiles, you can add a Stylesheet override that will override the current stylesheet with whatever you want, and give you simple examples. But we won't be able to answer questions like "what do I need to put in here to make LiquidFiles look like our coorporate identity as per". For this you will need to engage a web designer that can assist with that. Creating stylesheets is not LiquidFiles specific, any web page on the public Internet as stylesheets and almost everyone has JavaScripts.
  • In Admin → Configuration → Settings, you can add your own Regular Expressions for a password policy and we can give simple examples that you can test this with \w{7,} is a regular expression that matches any word character a minimum 7 times, so you can verify that the Password Validation works. But if you have a certain password policy that you're trying to create a regular expression for, you will need to engage a programmer that understands regular expressions. Regular Expressions is not a LiquidFiles specific thing. Regular Expressions exists in pretty much any computer language ever been used and any programmer you engage to do this for you will have come across it at some point.
  • If you want to integrate third party AV scanning, you will need to create a custom script to be installed using Actionscripts. We can give simple examples so that you can verify that the custom filescan function works as expected, and then you'd need to engage a programmer that can write the integration for your specific case. You can use any popular Unix/Linux scripting language such as Bash, Perl, Ruby or Python, whatever your or your developer are comfortable with.
  • Once we got a request that a customer needed a legally binding terms and conditions and asked us to write one for them. Obviously we cannot take legal responsibility for your organization and you will need to engage your own lawyers to write such terms and conditions for you.
  • We're happy to assist explaining how the LiquidFiles API work, and give simple examples so you can test them yourself. But we won't be able to write your integrations for you in whatever language you choose to use.

Support is also strictly limited to the LiquidFiles product itself. We cannot assist you in configuring or take responsibility for your Firewall, DNS server, Virtual Host, Storage server, network configuration or anything else outside of the LiquidFiles product.

We don't have access to your system!

Another important point when it comes to the supports that we can provide is that we don't have access to your system or your data. This is a key difference between LiquidFiles and the various cloud services out there. If you use a cloud service they have access to your data, we don't. You trust that they don't access your data but you have no way of knowing if that's really the case. With LiquidFiles you know because your data is on your system, behind your firewall, running on your servers and so on.

Every so often we get asked something like "can you please make my account an admin account", "who's the sysadmin on my system", "can you please reset the password on the sysadmin account" or from an end users asking something like "why can't I log in". With us not having access to your system, we can't see or change how your system is configured, or what's going on inside it. We can't see what accounts are configured as admin accounts or reset someones password for them.

Can we install 3rd party apps?

With any licensed LiquidFiles install, you can get root access to the system and will therefore have full access to the underlying operating system. This means that you can technically install or change anything on the LiquidFiles server. Please note that any changes you make or any additional software you install are not supported. When asked how to install some 3rd party software, we will not answer you specifically. The reason is simply that if you know how to install software on a Linux/Ubuntu system and can take responsibility for any changes made, you can install whatever backup software or system monitoring software you want that works on Ubuntu. Also, LiquidFiles uses standard Ubuntu install procedures as much as possible. But if you don't have the knowledge, skills and experience and manage LiquidFiles as a Unix/Linux system, you shouldn't. If you make any changes on the system and don't know how to restore the system to default, you'll likely have to reinstall LiquidFiles to get back to a supported state.

Please see the 3rd Party Software support article for more information.