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LiquidFiles Documentation

Tax Invoices

It's not uncommon that companies "sell on invoice", i.e. they count sending the invoice to the customer as "making the sale" and accounting wise they add the amount on the invoice to the bottom line as well as a owing amount for the company that exist until the company that received they invoice pays at some point in the future. In this case you will get a Tax Invoice from the company before you've paid the invoice because everyone has calculated the sale as having already taken place at the time the invoice has been sent.

We don't sell LiquidFiles on Purchase Orders or Invoices. We sell LiquidFiles on payment received. You can still generate Quotes and Invoices as much as you need from but we don't calculate any Invoice generated as a sale being made. This also means that we cannot give you a Tax Invoice before you've actually made a purchase, i.e. paid with a credit card or transferred the payment into our account. That's when we calculate a sale has been made and when we can issue you with a Tax Invoice.

Don't you have to give us a Tax Invoice on request?


LiquidFiles Pty Ltd is an Australian company that adheres to Australian Tax Laws. Australian Tax Laws are governed by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and according to ATO, we will need to provide a Tax Invoice within 28 days of a customer request after a sale has been made: In the case of LiquidFiles, you will receive a email with the Tax Invoice attached when the payment has been registered. For credit card payments, this is instantaneous and for bank/wire transactions, this will typically happen the business day after the payment has been received into our deposit account.

Can you update my address or company information?

You can do this yourself in by logging into and go to the Account Section.

Can I get an invoice in AUD/EUR/GBP?

You can change invoice currency by logging in to and go to the Account Section If you select a different currency than USD, the price of LiquidFiles will fluctuate based on the USD conversation rate at the time of the Quote or Invoice.

Can I add a PO number or other information?

There's an addtional information field in the Account section of where you can add whatever information you want to have added to the invoice.