LiquidFiles Documentation
LiquidFiles Documentation

Customizing the initializing and error pages

If you want to brand this page, you can upload a page called maintenance.html in Admin → Branding and it will be used instead of this page.

The pages you can change are:

  • 400.html — invalid request
  • 400_null_byte.html — invalid request (sent null byte)
  • 403.html — permission denied
  • 404.html — not found
  • 405.html — invalid formatted request
  • 422.html — change rejected
  • 500.html — server error
  • cookies_required.html — cookies required
  • maintenance.html — system initializing
  • unpermitted.html — shown when an unpermitted parameter is sent

To test these pages, you can browse to the relative URLs /maintenance.html, /403.html, /500.html, /cookies_required.html, and so on. So if your LiquidFiles system is, browsing to will display the initializing page without restarting the system.