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LiquidFiles Documentation

Development Info

What's with this curl thing? Can you give me assistance and examples in C#, .NET, Java, ...

Unfortunately, we cannot provide examples or assistance with specific programming languages, only generic development support.

Curl, that we provide examples with, is an excellent development tool to test thing like API's with various things as it's very easy to tweak everything from Content-Type to authentication and everything else. But, curl is not something that you're likely to use for an actual intagration into your environment although there's absolutely no problem in doing so.

Unfortunately, we don't have anything like generic libraries that you can use for any langauges. Instead, we have focused on keeping the API as easy to work with as possible.

If you struggle to do the actual transfer of the files to the LiquidFiles system, a good way can be to use either our Windows CLI or Unix/Linux/Mac OS CLI application. By using a CLI app to do the actual transfer, you can use the REST based JSON API for simpler things like attaching files to Secure Messages or FileLinks, and things like that.

But I'm happy to pay for you to build some custom integration?

At the moment, we don't have any custom development program so unfortunately, we cannot assist with paid developement of some integration into your environment.