LiquidFiles Documentation
LiquidFiles Documentation

Release Notes Version 1.3.x

v1.3.17 (Released 2010-10-12)

  • Fixed a problem with the LDAP test.

v1.3.16 (Released 2010-08-11)

  • Fixed a memory leak.
  • Updated VMware suspend/resume scripts.

v1.3.15 (Released 2010-05-22)

  • Allow multiple files to be selected at once when uploading (in supported browsers - Safari, Chrome, Firefox 3.6+).

v1.3.14 (Released 2010-05-10)

  • Update: Added curl.
  • Fix: Redirect logged in users from the home page to the message page.

v1.3.13 (Released 2010-04-24)

  • Fix: When using a non-standard port, sometimes the browser was redirected back to the standard port.
  • Fix: Tempfiles are deleted after 7 days.

v1.3.12 (Released 2010-04-20)

  • Fix: File permission problems on the files and temp area.

v1.3.11 (Released 2010-04-19)

  • Update: LDAP authentication doesn't automatically downcase email addresses before authentication.
  • Fix: In the Dropbox admin interface, show email address if no username is present in the recipients field.

v1.3.10 (Released 2010-04-15)

  • Fix: Reload the web server on updates.
  • Fix: Dropbox recipients show up correctly in the message log.
  • Fix: In 10.3.9, the Active Transfers and User Log tables wasn't working properly, displaying javascript errors.

v1.3.9 (Released 2010-04-11)

  • Update: When a new user registers - validate the user against LDAP, if configured. If the user doesn't exist, treat the user as a non-ldap user.
  • Update: Updated the html emails for better compatibility with web email.
  • Update: User account settings with the ability for a user to set language and change their own password.

v1.3.8 (Released 2010-04-09)

  • Update: When sending messages - validate local users against LDAP, if configured. If the user doesn't exist, treat the user as a non-ldap user.

v1.3.7 (Released 2010-04-07)

  • Update: The From address from the dropbox email is now included in the From field of the email.
  • Fix: Ensure correct file permissions are set when updating from 1.2.x and earlier releases.
  • Fix: The account create headline in the account create email wasn't set properly.

v1.3.6 (Released 2010-04-06)

  • New Feature: Pro Only - Dropbox functionality. The ability to create a page where anyone without pre-registration can send files to a pre-defined local user.

v1.3.5 (Released 2010-03-30)

  • Update: HTML versions of all emails.
  • Fix: Ensure redirect to SSL is honored.
  • Update: Preserve 512Mb for the system when limiting max uploads.
  • Update: Increased logging for LDAP connections.
  • Fix: Custom css of the title on the login page wasn't applied.

v1.3.4 (Released 2010-03-27)

  • Update: Improved checking for license server.
  • Fix: Don't throw an error when an LDAP server isn't available.
  • Update: HTML version of the user activation email.
  • Update: List a reason if the max file size has been decreased from max.
  • Fix: The VMWare version of 1.3.3 could not be updated, or connect to the license server

v1.3.3 (Released 2010-03-21)

  • Update: Limit uploads based on browser capability and available disk space.
  • Fix: It wasn't possible to enable console in the 1.3-1.3.2 releases.
  • Fix: Ensure proper file and folder permissions on uploaded files.

v1.3.2 (Released 2010-03-18)

  • Fix: Multiple attachments for external users.

v1.3.1 (Released 2010-03-17)

  • Fix: LDAP authentication for non AD LDAP would fail since the v1.3 update.
  • Fix: Custom headers didn't display on the home page.

v1.3 (Released 2010-03-16)

  • New Feature: Pro Only - 32Gb max file size. The Standard license is still limited to 2Gb.
  • New Feature: AD Group authorization. Limit logins to the Filetransfer appliance to certain AD groups.
  • Update: Send page cleanup
  • Update: Updated Branding.
  • Update: Demo license branding update - the demo will allow branding to be displayed to sysadmins only.
  • New Feature: Support for either accepted filetypes or blocked filetypes. Accepted filetypes is handy of you only want to allow certain filetypes.
  • Update: Removed the flash upload component and replaced Apache with Nginx.
  • Update: Internet Explorer 6 and earlier support has ended. If you need support for IE6, please use version 1.2.x.
  • Update: Remote Authentication is now LDAP only.