LiquidFiles Documentation
LiquidFiles Documentation

Configuring Outlook policies through Groups at LiquidFiles server

Please see the Outlook Registry Configuration for description of Registry policies.

At LiquidFiles server, users belong to groups, and it is possible to implement same policies. As a rule, server-side policies override Registry policies.

To configure the LiquidFiles group Policy:

  • Navigiate to Admin → Groups on your LiquidFiles Server.
  • Click on the group you wish to configure (Local Users, ...) and go to the API tab.
  • In "Custom Settings" field, put settings (one per line), for example
    OverrideAttachFileDialog = 2
    DoNotUseTaskPane = 1
  • Name of setting is the same as of Windows Registry's policy name
  • You can test whether these values are actually delivered to the client computers. To do that, open %appdata%\liquidfiles folder and examine file named response_yourserverdomainname.xml. It will contain CDATA section under user/custom_settings node with the same values you entered at the server. If the values do not match, check user's group.
  • The policies will be downloaded from the server on first attempt to attach file. Note that some policies (such as DoNotUseTaskPane) may not go to effect immediately, you may need to restart client application.


  • Outlook Plugin v. 2.0.28 or higher