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LiquidFiles Documentation

Amazon EC2 Automatic Setup

Sometimes it can be desirable to automatically configure LiquidFiles, bypassing the initial Getting Started pages.

This can be achieved by specifying Amazon EC2 User-Data when the system is initiated.

To specify EC2 User Data, please see the Amazon Documentation.

Example Configuration

    "agree_to_end_user_license_agreement": true,
    "hostname": "",
    "timezone": "UTC",
    "license_code": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
    "email_sender_address": "",
    "email_relay_server": "",
    "email_relay_username": "test",
    "email_relay_password": "password",
    "sysadmin_name": "User Company",
    "sysadmin_email": "",
    "sysadmin_password": "password"

In the example above, all parameters are required except email_relay_server, email_relay_username and email_relay_password. You only need to specify those if you require those configurations to be added.

If any parameters are missing or there are any errors, there will be errors written to /var/log/cloud-init.log.

Please Note that it's only possible to configure licensed LiquidFiles instances automatically using EC2 User Data. If you want to setup a trial version, you have to use the Getting Started pages.

Please continue on the EC2 installation page.